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Startup Funding Stages Google Slides Template Designs

Startup Funding Stages Google Slides Template Designs

Startup Funding Stages Google Slides Template Designs For Presentation

The Best Collection of Startup Funding Stages Google Slides Templates and Slides to understand the differences between the startup funding stages and see which of the stages is suitable for you.

The startup funding stages typically refer to the different phases of financing that a startup company goes through as it grows and develops. Here are the common stages of startup funding:

  • Pre-seed stage: This stage is commonly known as bootstrapping. This is the earliest stage of startup funding when a startup is just getting started and the founders are trying to get their idea off the ground.
  • Seed Stage: This is the earliest stage of startup funding, typically for companies that are just starting out. Seed funding may come from the founder’s personal savings, friends and family, or angel investors.
  • Series A: This funding round typically occurs after the seed stage and is used to support the startup’s growth and expansion. It usually comes from venture capital firms and institutional investors.
  • Series B: This stage is for startups that have already achieved some level of success and are looking to scale up their operations. Series B funding is used to finance expansion plans and further development.
  • Series C and later: These stages are for established startups that are looking to continue expanding or preparing for an IPO. Series C funding may come from private equity firms or other institutional investors.
  • IPO: An IPO or Initial Public Offering is when a private company offers its shares to the public for the first time.

This collection of ready-to-use colorful Google Slides graphics presentations of Startup Financing Cycle For Google Slides contains 23 Creative and fully editable slides with many variations options. they are visually appealing, you can easily modify color schemes, add your text, and resize and move the shapes and icons of each slide as per your requirement.

This template is available as PowerPoint Template:
Download Startup Funding Stages PowerPoint Template Here>

Key Features:

  • 23 Unique & Creative Google Slides
  • 2 Aspect Ratio (4:3 & 16:9)
  • Fully and Easily editable content
  • 125+ Stunning Premade Theme colors
  • 5500+ Vector Icons! easily change size & color
  • Unlimited Themes Color
  • One-click to change all colors to fully fit your brand’s color. (What this means?)
  • 100% Vector Objects & Icons
  • Free Fonts and Icons


  • Roboto

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