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Professional Pitch Deck Templates For Startups

A Perfect formula for creating
a successful Pitch Deck Presentation

Professional Pitch Deck Templates For Startups

Make your pitch deck stand out from the rest, hook investors, tell your company story and engage people emotionally
by using our best investor pitch deck templates designs For PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides presentations.

SlideSalad Best Business Pitch Deck Presentation Templates and Designs to Impress Potential Investors.

We have designed these Investment Pitch Deck templates based on real and successful Pitch Deck templates examples
and inspired by the best pitch decks of the top companies around the world.

Key Features of our Investor Pitch Deck Templates

All our Pitch Deck Presentation templates are professionally designed and come with high-quality Slides Designs and
awesome features to create the ideal pitch deck you’ve always wanted.

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What is a Pitch Deck?

In nutshell, A pitch deck, also known as investor pitch deck or a startup pitch deck, is a focused and brief presentation
that used to provide your potential investors and customers with a quick overview of your business and helps you get funded.

What is a Pitch Deck Used For?

Represent your business idea to the potential investors, partners, and customers. And raising money for your business

What Are The Best Tools For Designing Impressive Pitch Deck Presentations?





Google Slides

Google Slides



A Perfect Formula For Creating A Successful Pitch Deck Presentation

The 14 Slides You Need To Include In Your Pitch Deck



Introduction – Your Vision and Value Proposition

A short overview of your business and the value that you provide to your potential customers. Keep it simple and clear.



The Problem

Define the problem you are trying to solve and who has the problem.



The Solution

Describe your solution and how your product or service is helping to solve the problem.



Your Product / Service

Show your potential investors how your product or service works and what it does. provide all relevant details, demo, prototype, or screenshot.



Your Advantages

What makes your product or service special and different? Why your solution is better than the competition?



Competition / Competitors Analysis

Define your main competitors and what are their alternative solutions to the problem you are planning to solve.



Team Members

Who are they and what do they bring to the table? identify your key team members and their successes, skills, and experiences.

Target Market


Target Market Size / Opportunity

Define your potential customers and the total size of your target market.

Business Model


Business Model

Describe how your product or service makes money, and what are the expected revenues.



Traction / Milestones

Boost your business model by providing a proof of validation that your solution really works to solve the problem you have identified.

Marketing and Sales Plan


Marketing and Sales Plan

What is your marketing and sales plan? and how you are planning to promote your product or service to the prospective customers.

Financial Projections


Financial Projections

Use charts to visually showcase the sales, total customers, total expenses, and net profits.

The Investment


The Investment / Use of Funds

Finally, Ask for the money. How much money you are you seeking, and how you are planning to use them to achieve your business goals.

Contact info


Contact Info

Provide your contact details and info so investors can reach you easily and quickly.

7 Tips For Creating A Successful Pitch Deck That Will Get You Funded

1 - Tell A Real Story

Tell your business’s unique story with a passion, enthusiasm, and engage your audience emotionally. Keep it simple, honest, and realistic.

2 - Know Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the key to make sure that you are pitching the right people and they are going to invest in your business.

3 - Keep It Short And Impactful

Use your first two slides to hook your audience and capture their attention, and make a powerful first impression.

4 - Keep It Simple

Dedicate each slide to only one topic, keep it clear, concise, and above all, understandable. for an investor pitch, less information is better than too much.

Best Pitch Deck Templates
Best Pitch Deck Templates

5 - Keep It Vibrant With Consistent Bold Design

Use the same design style throughout your entire business pitch deck. Keep the same font, color theme, and enrich your slides with photos, infographics, icons, and charts.

6 - Highlight Your Key Team Members

Investors love teams and know that the effective teamwork is the secret behind growth and success of any business. So showcase domain experience and relevant expertise for each team member.

7 - Have Confidence And Know Your Key Metrics

Believe it, All is about numbers and data, so visualizing your numbers will demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of your market.