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SlideSalad Google Slides Templates Tutorials?

How To Use SlideSalad's Google Slides Templates?

  • Unzip the file you downloaded from SlideSalad.
  • Go to your Google Drive.
  • Upload a presentation pptx. files to your Google Drive
    by drag and drop files or click on the “New” button at the top left corner -> File Upload
  • Right-click the file you uploaded (Recommend to work on the 16:9 version).
  • Select Open with and choose Google Slides.
  • A copy of your original file in Google Slides format will be created. You can then edit it in your browser like any other Slides presentation.

Google Slides supported files include .ppt .pps, and .pptx.

Upload PPTX to your Google Drive

How to fix Google Slides Issue "File could not open. Try refreshing the page"?

Google Slides File Could not open
  • Go to your Google Drive.
  • Right-click on an empty area and then —> click on ” Google Slides” —-> Then “Blank Presenation
  • New Blank Presentation will open
Open Your Google Dirve
  • From the top menu click on ” File“—> Then “Open
Open New Google Slides File
  • Upload a presentation pptx. file (The File You downloaded From SlideSalad) to your Google Drive by drag and drop files or click on the “Select a File From Your Device” button.
  • Wait until the template file is uploaded completely.
  • Then Your File will convert to Google Slides directly.
Upload Your Presentation Template

How to apply SlideSalad's theme colors to your presentation?

Download Google Slides theme colors files from your download page:

My Download Page>

Please note that all google slides theme colors come in pptx. format.

  • In the “SlideSalad Google Slides Theme Colors” folder there are more than 110 premade
    Theme Colors and labeled from number 1 to 111.
  • Theme color Guide will help find the theme color you want.
  • Pick the theme you want then upload it to your Google Drive (or upload all theme colors folder )

How to import SlideSalad's theme color and apply to your template?

  • Click “ Theme” from the top menu – then Click “Import Theme
Import Theme Colors
  • In the search form, Type the name of the theme color file you uploaded (e.g. Theme 28) —> Select
    Or Click “Upload” to upload another theme color file.
Select Theme Color
  • Select the theme —> Click “ Import theme”
Import theme Colors 2
  • The new theme will apply to all slides automatically.
New Theme Color

How to Edit the Theme Color and Make your Theme Color (Your Brand's Colors)?

  • Select any Shape —>Then Click “ Fill Color” icon from the top menu options
How To Make New Google Slides Color Theme
  • From the Fill Color Option —>Click on“ Theme Edit Icon” to edit it (The Theme Colors Panel will Appear on the right side)
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 1
  • From “Theme Colors” Panel —> Click on “Choose a theme color” drop down menu to edit the theme color.
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 2
  • From The “Choose a theme color” option —> Click on the “Color Accent 1” to edit it

Please note that all you need just replace the color accent 1 to 6 with your own theme color in the order and don’t change the “Text and background 1..to..4) Colors.

How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 3
  • Once your click on the “Color Accent 1” The color option will appear, then you can simply replace the color with your own color.
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 4
  • Back to the Drop down menu and repeat the same steps with the other color accents.
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 5
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 6
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 7
  • Once you replaced all the six color accents, the new theme color will apply on all slides automatically.
How To Edit Google Slides Color Theme 8

How to Edit the Footer and Remove the SlideSalad logo?

  • From the top menu click on “Slide“—> Then click on “Edit Theme” (The Slide Master Mode Will Open)
Edit Google Slides Footer
  • From the Slide Master Mode —> Select the First Slide Master Layout (Primary Layout)
  • Remove the SlideSalad Logo and edit the footer text
  • Close the Slide Master Mode and back to Normal Mode
Edit Google Slides Footer 2

If you still need any assistance related to our presentations templates, Please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and we will be glad to help you.

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