Best Infographics Google Slides Templates and Themes

If you are just getting started with Google Slides for your presentation, then it’s good to buy some of the best infographics Google Slides templates and themes from the SlideSalad marketplace. SlideSalad has a great collection of top infographic templates that you can use with any type of Google Slides presentation. In this blog post, you can find some of the most popular Google Slides themes for multipurpose use. You can choose the one you like, purchase, and use it with your next presentation project; we will help you out by bestowing some of the best infographic Google Slides templates for custom presentations below.

Best Infographics Google Slides Template

If you are looking for an all in one infographic template for your presentation, then SlideSalad Infographic Pack 01 is the best choice. The package is having a collection of multipurpose infographic illustrations that are ready to use on any Google Slides presentation. All you need is to copy and paste the required illustrations for your presentations. Furthermore, the package is loaded with illustrations of steps diagrams, process diagrams, circle diagrams, progress diagrams, level diagrams, percentage denotation diagrams, timeline diagrams, and more. All the illustrations are fully customizable, and you can easily change the colors.

Top Infographics Google Slides Template

This collection is the continuation of the infographic pack 01. This premium collection of Google Slides infographics contains loads of fully editable illustrations of various useful diagrams. The diagrams are not limited to a continuous process, strategies, country flags, etc. Moreover, this infographic pack also contains thousands of well-categorized vector icons, hundreds of theme colors, and more. For better presentation outcomes, all the illustrations are professionally animated. You can easily use any of the graphics in your presentations without losing the diagrams’ quality or the text used within the diagrams.

Infographics Google Slides Template

If you need a more varied collection of infographics rather than infographic pack 1 and infographic pack 2, then purchase this infographic pack 3 for your presentation. This premium set of infographic illustrations and diagrams include various loop diagrams, complex and beautiful roadmap diagram, different country flags, and more. The illustrations can be used for creative presentations, business presentations, engineering and construction presentations, educational presentations, medical presentations, and more. Purchase and download this template for free and get free lifetime support and updates.

Best Digital Marketing Google Slides Template – Multipurpose Google Slides Template

This best Google Slides Digital Marketing Template ready for a comprehensive digital marketing Google Slides presentation. This powerful Google Slides Theme can help your potential leads, prospects, and clients learn more about digital marketing scopes. All you need to do is insert your company data into the template, and you are good to go. The template is holding a vast collection of all famous and influential digital marketing topics such as:

  1. Marketing Goals and Objectives
  2. Inbound Marketing
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Direct Response Advertising
  8. Paid Search Advertising
  9. Display Advertising
  10. Remarketing
  11. Affiliate Marketing
  12. Digital Marketing Rollout
Best Digital Marketing Proposals Google Slides Templates - Best Elegant Google Slides Template

If you are looking for a comprehensive digital marketing proposal template for Google Slides presentation, then you must purchase this premium best digital marketing Google Slides Theme for your presentations. Using this all in one theme, you can easily propose your potential leads with a winning presentation in no time. By using this premium Google Slides theme, and you are saving a massive amount of time that is required for preparing the data. The template includes all the online marketing strategies such as PPC ads, SEO audit proposals, SEO retainer proposals, SEO proposals, YouTube marketing proposals, Social media marketing proposals, Inbound marketing proposals, Email marketing proposals, and more.

Customer Journey Maps Google Slides Template Diagrams

Timelines are excellent for telling stories and envisioning projects and processes. This a premium Google Slides infographic template for customer journey maps. Using this best timeline infographic theme, you can easily create company history timelines, horizontal timeline, horizontal chevron timelines, vertical timelines, monthly timelines, yearly parallel timelines, annual timeline, progress timelines, yearly comparison timelines, project timelines, arrow-shaped timelines, promotion plan timelines, business planning timelines, opportunity timelines, career planning timelines, circle roadmap timelines, project timelines, litigation timelines, management timeline, milestone timelines, quarterly timelines, progress timelines, stage timelines, event timelines, simple timelines, and more.

Timelines Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

Timelines are the best way to create company history diagrams, yearly reports, annual profit and loss reports, the current status of a project, and more. This ready to use Google Slides infographic templates design package is holding various styles of timelines that can be easily included in your presentations. To match with your company’s brand color, you can easily apply the colors from the hundreds of color schemes included with the package. The template is coming in 4:3 and 16:9 display resolutions for a regular and widescreen HD display.

Roadmap Infographics Google Slides Template Designs

If you are looking for some most helpful roadmap infographics for your professional Google Slides presentations, then buy this best time timeline infographic Google Slides theme today. This set of roadmap infographic illustrations are showing some of the best use-cases for roadmap diagrams for illustrating progress, step-by-step instructions, workflows, events, historical timelines, aim or target, and more. The package also includes the latest updated vector icons and theme colors for making your presentation look professional and attractive. Once you finish taking the required infographic diagram, you can easily upload it to Google Drive to make it accessible on any device.

Company History Timelines Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template - Minimal Google Slides Template

This premium infographic diagram template is one of the leading and high-quality company history timelines infographic templates you can get for your Google Slides presentation. Using this colorful Google Slides theme, you can easily illustrate your company’s history more visually appealing and engaging. Some of the features of this clean Google Slides company history timelines diagrams infographic template features are:

  • Fully editable slides
  • High-quality infographic diagrams
  • Fully resizable infographics
  • 4:3 and 16:9 display resolutions
  • Hundreds of theme colors
  • Thousands of vector icons
  • Lifetime updates
  • Lifetime downloads
  • Free support
Project Timelines Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template - Ultimate Google Slides Template

If you need to purchase a sophisticated project timelines diagrams for your next Google Slides project presentation, then purchase this beautiful Google Slides infographic template today. This manageable Gantt chart themed timeline diagrams can simply program the projects based on your project requirements. Suppose you need to forecast the project’s timeline, inform the clients about the status of the project as a project status reporting, or define a time period for your project team; in that case, this is the best infographic template you can rely on.

Funnels Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

Design a visually expansive version of your funnels using a fair amount of texts and icons and connected with professional variations of the color scheme. Update the content in each step possible in the infographic template or add more topics to include additional steps. By using this best funnel infographic Google Slides, you are inserting a stunning 2D and 3D infographics to your presentation in no time. This premium slide deck includes the funnel diagrams of Horizontal Funnels Infographics, Vertical Funnels Infographics, and Double Funnels Infographics.

Circle Infographics Google Slides Template

Circle infographic template with a rounded 3D and 2D loop design with four steps or more options that can be used as a process chart, creative business process, and more. This awesome circle infographics Google Slides theme is recommended for both creative as well as business Google Slides presentations. You can effortlessly visualize a continuous process or a series of processes in your topic. The circle infographic diagrams are fully resizable without losing the quality, and you can copy and paste it to your presentation without using any graphic design software.

Cycle Diagrams Google Slides Template Designs

Explore creative and impressive ways to represent a circular process in your business or personal presentations. You can build some exceptional diagrams using this premium cycle diagrams Google Slides theme from the SlideSalad marketplace. If you are a professional business presenter, we understand that you may not have the time to produce these 3D infographic diagrams on your own. That is why we have created this easily editable vector infographic to represent the cycle diagrams on your Google Slides presentations. Anyone who knows about Google Slides can easily manage this premium cycle diagram infographic theme.

Folded Circle Diagrams Google Slides Template Designs

Folded circle diagrams are one of the best Google Slides infographic templates selling on the SlideSalad marketplace. With these folded circle designs, you can represent different kinds of circles or endless loop information. The diagrams can be used to describe a product’s lifecycle or a distinct selling model that you need to show to your audience. The diagram is straightforward to edit, and the theme set reaches in different color schemes. You can easily customize it as your wish, change its complete layout, replace the background, and work with other details without any trouble.

Comparison Infographics Google Slides Template

If you need to demonstrate a detailed comparison of data with each other, this best-selling comparison infographic Google Slides template is ideal for accomplishing it. This fantastic Google Slides infographic set includes various assorted designs of comparison visualizations in hundreds of color scheme variations. All you need is to change the colors that match with your presentations. Some of the common features of this premium template include:

  • Drag and drop ready diagrams
  • Full HD infographics
  • 4:3 & 16:9 display resolutions
  • Unlimited theme colors
  • Vector & fully editable diagrams
  • Thousands of well-categorized icons
  • Free professional fonts
  • Free technical support via email
  • Lifetime free product updates
Pyramid Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

Demonstrate and measure your progress, level, and stages using these professionally designed pyramids infographic Google Slides templates diagrams. Using these ready-to-use infographic diagrams, you can easily visualize the progress graphically as a 3D diagram. Now you do not need to depend on any complex software like Adobe Illustrator to create these types of 3D pyramids for your Google Slides presentations. All you want is to choose the best diagrams from this template and copy the diagram and paste it in your presentation!

3D Puzzle Toolbox Google Slides Presentation Template

Purchase and download some of the best 3D puzzle toolbox diagrams Google Slides presentation theme from SlideSlad. Skim through the predesigned collection of 3D Puzzle Pieces as vector diagrams from this premium set of infographics. This minimalist Google Slides infographic theme is coming with beautiful vector diagrams, minimalist fonts, and unlimited theme colors. The designs are available in two display resolutions, such as 4:3 and 16:9.

Infinity Loop Infographics Google Slides Template Diagrams

A modern Google Slides design of our new infinity loop diagrams appeals and brings attention. This best infinity loop Google Slides template combines informational quality and a beautiful design. By properly implementing these pro designs on your Google Slides presentation, you are getting an opportunity to illustrate an endless process of an event or an activity of your topic. Furthermore, using these diagrams can help you explain the relationship between two or more objects in your projects or any educational topics. You can easily edit any part of the diagrams with a few clicks.

Mind Mapping Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

One of the famous and the most straightforward ways to map out your concepts is to build a useful mind map diagram. Starting from a central node portion representing the central topic, you can easily create sub-nodes to note down your ideas. Using this impactful mind mapping diagrams Google Slides presentation template, you can easily build your own mind mapping diagrams in your presentations. The diagrams are fully editable and easily customizable as your needs. Purchase and download this popular Google Slides infographic theme today!

Venn Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

A Venn diagram is a diagram that explains the relationship between and amongst a finite collection of sets. If you have two or more groups, you can use a Venn diagram Google Slides diagrams to show the logical relationship among these groups, as well as the cardinality of those groups. Venn diagrams are especially useful in thinking carefully about set operations as they provide us a visual appearance of the relationships affected. This collection of Venn diagrams are your best companion if you want to create some of the appealing Venn diagrams for your Google Slides presentation.

Targets Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

A Target Diagram demonstrates progression towards a defined goal. Each of the layers inside a target diagram progresses closer to the central event. The target diagrams emphasize a bit like a flow chart that goes from the outside to the center. Each of the layers can also be broken into many subcategories. This premium targets diagrams Google Slides presentation theme set includes various colorful vector infographics diagrams of dart arrows represented in a 3D shape. You can choose the best diagram you like for your Google Slides presentation.

Dashboards Traffic lights Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

A traffic light dashboard diagram is a type of diagram that signs either green, yellow, or red based on the standards you determine. This useful template is used to define a project’s status or a business status and evaluate the pros and cons of a process you want to execute or execute. Features of this premium dashboard lights diagrams Google Slides presentation template designs include:

  1. Several diagrams design
  2. Stylish color schemes
  3. Thousands of vector icons
  4. Easy to edit
  5. Free support
  6. Free updates
Triangle Infographics Google Slides Template Shapes

The three equal sides of triangles inside a single equilateral triangle can also be the absolute slide representing effective business management. This all in one triangle-shaped diagrams are your best partner for illustrating complex business concepts, hierarchical relationships, various steps, processes, and more. The diagrams are fully resizable and customizable by changing the colors of each element used in the diagrams. You can also apply beautiful picture placeholders and image backgrounds to emphasize the diagrams. If you are interested, you can buy some of our premium infographic PowerPoint presentation templates too.

3D Spheres Divisions Google Slides Template Designs

If you are looking for some of the best 3D spheres infographic diagrams for Google Slides, then purchase this beautiful Google Slides theme for your presentation. All you need to do is, insert your real data, change the colors, and then place the illustration in your presentation. This set of 3D spheres Google Slides templates are loaded with many divisions such as 1 to 8 divisions of 3D spheres diagrams. The design set is coming with both 3D spheres sliced version as well as 3D spheres with core versions.

3D Cones Google Slides Presentation Template

This brand-new 3D cones infographic Google Slides template is an outstanding opportunity for illustrating various steps, stages, or the progress of your project or business flow. By using the premade color themes and thousands of vector icons, you can completely change the vector diagrams of these 3D cones to match your presentation topic. Moreover, you can easily display 3D cones in multiple views such as:

  • 1 item views
  • 2 item views
  • 3 item views
  • 4 item views
  • 5 item views
  • 6 item views
Dashboards Tachometer Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

If you are looking for an easily editable dashboards tachometer designs for your Google Slides presentations, then you must buy this premium dashboard tachometer diagrams Google Slides theme package today. Creating a tachometer dashboard is useful and remarkably effective in communicating crucial information in a manner that is comfortable for the user to follow and take immediate action as a result. Using tachometer dashboards, you can quickly evaluate the business or a project’s KPIs and goals. These designs are good to include in your startup presentations, sales deck presentations, or any pitch deck presentations.

Medical And Healthcare Infographics Google Slides Template

These medical and healthcare infographic Google slides themes are one of the leading infographic packages available for Google Slides presentations. All the infographic vector diagrams in this slides pack are entirely related to the medical and healthcare topics that improve health-related presentations. Moreover, all the design elements are fully editable and resizable as you wish. This medical and healthcare infographics for Google Slides presentations are useful for many medical institutions and professionals such as:

  1. Doctors
  2. Nurses
  3. Surgeons
  4. Lab assistants
  5. Medical professors
  6. Healthcare professionals
  7. Medical students
Education Infographics Google Slides Template

The premium multipurpose Google slides educational infographic themes are incredibly beneficial in extensive kinds of situations. When giving presentations to students in the classroom, you can easily use them when talking about learning initiatives to the society or parents and when delivering presentations to college or school professionals that take care of the institutions. The template pack is holding a variety collection of educational infographics that are good to be included in the professional educational presentations to grab your students’ attention. Purchase and download for free today.

Waste Management Google Slides Template Designs

This premium Google Slides waste management template pack presents topics on various waste recycling solutions, waste reuse, and reduce processes, organic recycling, plastic, metal, paper, glass, and e-waste recycling. Furthermore, this useful infographic theme provides various waste processing solutions for companies that manage waste processing. Some of the premium features of this premium waste management Google Slides include premium vector icons of waste management, environment-based theme colors, fully editable diagrams, creative and colorful sceneries, and more. If you want to present a comprehensive Google Slides presentation related to waste management, then but this theme today.

Process Improvement Google Slides Template Designs

Any time companies or the business processes are improved, they should be prepared so for the goal of making them more useful. Because even profoundly efficient processes may not be adequate. Therefore, if you want to visually represent your business strategies to your employees or team members to implement a new process improvement program, then purchase this premium process improvement Google Slides template design diagrams for your presentation. This fully editable diagrams can help you to illustrate your ideas as a professional Google Slides presentation instantly.

New Product Launch Go To Market Plan and Strategy Google Slides Template - Powerful Google Slides Themes

Whether you have done multiple new product launches or if this is your first time, this is the best practical and useful new product launch go to market plan and strategy Google Slides template you can find on the internet. This simple and powerful Google Slides theme pack covers all the required topics you need to be included in your Google Slides presentation. The topics such as:

  • Market analysis
  • Market strategy
  • Market planning
  • Proposal creation
  • Roadmap planning
  • Product planning
  • And more
Go To Market Strategy, and Plan Google Slides Templates Diagrams - Classy Google Slides Presentation Template

If you want to execute a successful go to market strategy, the purchase this all in one go to market strategy and plan Google Slide template designs from the SlideSalad marketplace. The template holds various topics such as the demand creation process and the customer needs analysis, all about GTM and its strategy, different approach and support function, practical SWOT analysis, the buyer’s journey, the sales process, and more. This top Google Slides infographic template is coming in a combination of vector charts, bullet points, graphs, tables, step by step process, flow charts, 3D pyramids, circles, 3D shapes, and more.

Growth Strategy Google Slides Template

This is one of the most downloaded premium Google Slides theme selling in the SlideSalad premium presentation marketplace. The template is a combination of the table of content slides, infographic diagrams, picture placeholders, and more. This robust growth strategy Google Slides template covers various topics such as growth strategy definition, steps to develop a growth strategy, the growth phases, elements of business growth, growth strategy objectives, possible growth strategy directions, stages of business growth, common growth strategies, types of growth, consolidation endgame curve, Ansoff matrix, and porter’s five forces analysis.

Best Business Strategy Models and Practices Google Slides Templates

Save your time and energy by purchasing and downloading the best business strategy models and practices Google Slides templates. This ready to use premium Google Slides theme holds various fully editable unique slides, colorful vector infographics, shapes, and icons that are related to business strategy models and principles. The slides are loaded with all the topics that need to be there for completing the presentation. Use this template for creating efficient business strategies for your business or project. If you are interested, feel free to check some of our premium Apple Keynote infographic presentation templates too.

Best Marketing Models and Practices Google Slides Templates

Whether you are executing an online or offline marketing strategy, you need a perfect plan for the success of the strategy. This best marketing models and practices Google Slide template infographics are the best example models you can get online. This premium theme has already covered everything you need to create a successful marketing model on Google Slides. The template is holding a variety of tables, charts, diagrams, text boxes, attractive heading styles, colorful icons, and more. Purchase this premium theme one time and download it for free for a lifetime.

Best Project Planning And Management Models Google Slides Templates

This is one of the leading project planning and management models infographics templates for Google Slides. This theme is capable of illustrating the various methodologies and standards required for project planning and implementation. This powerful theme is good support for project managers, project team leads, and project team members. This premium project planning and management models Google Slides templates are discussing topics about:

  • Action plans
  • Agile project management
  • Business analysis
  • Business goals
  • Business models
  • Business model canvas
  • Business planning
  • Business management
  • Project management methodologies
  • Project timelines
  • Project roadmaps
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy processes
  • And more
Best Human Resources Models and Practices Google Slides Templates

Are you a human resource professional looking for an excellent Google Slide template for best human resources models and practices? If yes, you must purchase this elegant Google Slides template for your presentations. This premium Google Slides theme provides everything you need for your topic. Furthermore, the theme offers many infographic diagrams, such as HR role models, HR strategies, Job management, hiring support, job analysis, matrix charts, and more. This template is helpful for doing meetings with your potential stakeholders, investors, managers, or business board members.

Marketing Mix Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

This minimalist Google Slides template talks about all the marketing mix elements such as product, price, promotion, and the place constraints on your various marketing plan. Furthermore, this amazing infographic Google Slides theme is proving the target market and the developments from the 4Ps to the 7Ps marketing models. With is an energetic Google Slides theme, you are getting two different screen resolutions such as 4:3 and 16:9. You can also change the slides’ complete colors by using SlideSalad’s premium collection of theme colors that comes with the package.

STP Marketing Mix Google Slides Template Diagrams

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, or simply known as STP, is the foundation of many marketing strategies following on small, medium, and large business models. By using this comprehensive Google Slides infographic theme, you can easily present topics about STP in no time! All you have to do is replace data using your data. This STP marketing mix Google Slides template diagrams discuss geographic, demographic, psychographic segmentation, positioning process, positioning strategies, 2×2 product positioning map template, product positioning, competitor positioning and landscape, and strategic positioning.

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Plan Google Slides Templates

The method by which you lead new customers or clients to your business is known as customer acquisition. The goal of any company or a business is to generate sustainable and precise customer acquisition plans that keep up with the industry biases. This elegant infographic Google Slides theme can help you to illustrate your customer acquisition strategy and plan on Google Slides to showcase with your manager, team lead, team members, investors, or stakeholders. All the infographics in this Google Slides theme pack are fully editable and resizable to match with your presentation.

Change Management Google Slides Template

Change management involves the processes, tools, and the techniques applied to handle the people side of change and obtain desired business results. Eventually, the change management concentrates on helping employees and then adopt and utilize a difference in their day-to-day business work. The change management is both a method and a competency. If you want to effectively implement a change management strategy in your company or organization, then purchase this useful change management Google Slides template. This theme can deliver your strategy in a visually appealing manner to your team or employees.

Supply Chain Management Google Slides Template Diagrams

Instead of going with some of the free Google Slides infographic templates, purchase this premium supply chain management for your Google Slides presentations. You effortlessly use this appealing Google Slides theme for convincing your manufacturers, distributors, and the end-users of your products. If you need to check the quality of premium Google Slides themes, and you can try some of the free Google Slides themes from the SlideSalad marketplace before purchasing the premium Google Slides themes.


We hope you have picked one of the best Infographic templates for Google Slides presentation. If you are looking for some free infographic Google Slides, then SlideSalad is also having some of the best free infographic Google Slides templates that come with the premium quality. Feel free to have a try before purchasing the premium infographic Google Slides Templates and Themes.