Modern PowerPoint Templates

Are you in the preparation of a modern PowerPoint pitch deck presentation? Are you a creative agency wants to creatively present your company profile to a potential lead? Are you business personnel who is deliberately looking for a multipurpose PowerPoint presentation template? If you are one among them, then you must need our Modern PowerPoint templates of 2019. In this blog post, we are going to see some of the best modern PowerPoint presentation templates available in SlideSalad. Let’s have a deep dive into that!

Modern PowerPoint Template for Presentation – Top Selling Modern PPT Templates

Modern PowerPoint presentation templates come as the most selling modern presentations available in SlideSalad. The presentation templates are packed with 100 unique slides with a variety of easy to modify vector icons. These trendy PPT templates are the best way to include lots of data, infographics, and images creatively. With the help of text boxes, image placeholders, infographics, data charts, laptop mockups, screen mockups, device mockups, browser mockups, world map, and country maps, you are getting the unlimited possibilities to make your visually appealing PowerPoint presentation to your audience. All the objects are easily dragged and drop, and you can effortlessly follow your brand guidelines by utilizing more than 110 theme colors.

Simplicity Professional Business PowerPoint Templates – Most Demanding PPT Template for Clean & Elegant Presentations

Simplicity Professional Business PowerPoint Templates is one of the best modern PowerPoint templates designed in a very modern way. This elegant and clean PPT template can win any type of business presentations. This attractive PowerPoint presentation template featuring 300 unique slides with more than 115 theme colors and 5500+ fully editable vector icons. The slides contain agenda, who we are, our values, company’s vision, mission and values, services, timelines, infographics, team, pricing tables, portfolios, image placeholders, device mockups, data charts, and geographical based maps. These slides are more than enough to make a powerful business PowerPoint presentation. You can easily use this PPT template for pitch deck presentations, business meetups, etc. Feel free to purchase this most-effective PowerPoint template and dominate your business presentations!

Best Digital Marketing PowerPoint (PPT) Template

Are you a digital marketing manager? Are you a digital marketing specialist who is finding a way to create an informative and data-rich PowerPoint presentation for your clients? Then, it’s time to buy this professional PowerPoint template for your next digital marketing presentation. One of the main attractions of this modern PPT presentation template is, the data used in these templates are real data provided by the industry-leading digital marketing experts, so the data, not dummy data. You can freely consider these points while preparing your presentation. The templates consisting 220 extremely unique slides contains various topics including digital marketing strategy, planning, marketing goals, buyer’s journey, sales funnel, SEO, social media marketing, competition analysis, PPC and loaded with much more detailed information.

Creative Minimal Business PowerPoint Templates

If you are very much concerned about a creative presentation, then you need to purchase this awesome creative business PowerPoint templates from SlideSalad. The templates are loaded with fully animated 130 different PPT slides, and thousands of drag and drop vector icons and elements. This best modern PPT template comes with two display ratios of 16:9 and 4:3. This screen resolution is enough for most of the presentation display needs to use with the latest projectors. This template also comes with dark and light versions for your styling requirements. You can make unique slides by using the photo placeholders, ready-made infographics, device mockups, and the fully editable world maps and country maps.

Trending Modern PowerPoint Template for Pitch Deck Presentations

Getting sales is one of the most important jobs in many industries, whether you are working in real estate companies, medical industries, construction companies, web design agencies, web development companies, legal firms, or even educational institutions; sales become the number priority. That’s why we created the No.1 Sales Deck PowerPoint templates for winning your sales presentation with the potential leads. These modern PowerPoint templates contain a huge list of 353 unique slides which is capable of winning any pitch deck presentations for stakeholders or potential investors who are willing to invest in your business. The templates are coming with PPT and PPTX formats for your convenience. You can upload these templates to your Google drive and download it on any devices for a flexible use!

Powerful Multipurpose Modern PowerPoint Templates

The name of this PPT template says everything! These cool multi-business PowerPoint templates are one of the best multipurpose PowerPoint templates you can buy from SlideSalad. These unique PPT templates are perfect for corporate presentations. No matter which style you choose, these modern PowerPoint templates do the job with the help of pre-made color schemes. You can apply any color or even gradient colors to make the PPT template feel like your own. These trending modern PowerPoint presentation templates are having 210 variety of slides and thousands of vector icons which are fully editable. All the slides are effortless to customize, and the elements are easy to drag and drop and resize it without blurring or stretching the icons.

Premium Modern PowerPoint Templates

Creative PowerPoint presentations temples come under the category of fresh, new and modern, professional PowerPoint templates. These premium modern PPT templates are suitable for any creative presentations like agency presentations, school presentations, seminar presentations, keynote presentations, guest lecturing presentations, or even medical presentations. These versatile presentation templates come with 141 unique slides that featuring high-quality image placeholders, multiple image layouts, image holders, infographics, thousands of easy to edit vector icons, device and browser mockups and resizable maps, which enables you to create a PowerPoint presentation easily. This top modern PowerPoint presentation brings with more than 110 theme colors to make your presentation stand out from the crowd.

Impressive PowerPoint Templates

Stunning is one of the fabulous multipurpose PowerPoint templates that can be used for any niches. From stock exchange markets presentations to agricultural presentations, this awesome PPT templates does the job neatly. You can buy one and use it forever. These PowerPoint templates are providing 230 fully animated unique slides. All the slides can be customizable to any extent you think. Any non-creative persons can handle these minimalist templates. These multi-niche presentation templates are fully compatible with the old and new versions of the Microsoft Office Suits. Whether you are using our professional presentation templates on your Mac or Windows PC or Microsoft 2007 or MS Office 2010 or higher, it doesn’t limit you!

Attractive and Modern PowerPoint Templates

Minimal is a perfect companion for anyone who is eager wants to present a professional PowerPoint presentation to a big audience. With this modern PPT template, you can confidently go and present your topic to seminars, discussions, debates, meetups, conferences, business meets and board meetings. This will surely get your audience attention to your presentation. This eye-catching and time-saving PowerPoint template set is also best for company profiles, pitch deck presentations, marketing strategies, and effective sales meetings. These drag and drop templates are coming with 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios. Our premium PPT design themes are covered with lifetime product updates and lifetime free support.

Mobile Application PowerPoint Presentation Template

Mobile Application PPT presentation template is one of the most modern mobile apps presentation templates available in the market. These cool PPT templates are created for App Development Companies and Mobile App Development Agencies. This attractive presentation is powerful for any startup companies want to pitch their potential investors and stakeholders to invest in the app development. These trending PowerPoint templates are holding 15 completely different slides. All the slides have the power to present your app screenshots with the help of the easily editable mockups of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Android Phones, and Android Smart Watches.

Charity PowerPoint Presentation Template

Charity is the top selling and the best modern PowerPoint templates created for non-profit organizations and charity groups. You can use these powerful premium templates to convey your vision and mission of your charity trust to the external funding sources. This template pack is coming with 154 unique colorful slides which are projecting your organization’s about, mission, vision, values, your board members, work history, volunteer opportunities, expenses, timelines, and future. These modern PPT also contains the best data visualization elements for your great presentation needs. If you are working for a charity group or organization, then you must need this effective PowerPoint templates for donations from the various rich personalities and corporate companies.

Diet and Nutrition PowerPoint Template Designs

Diet and Nutrition is the No.1 selling diet and nutrition PowerPoint templates available in the market. These top modern PowerPoint templates are a real lifesaver for medical representatives to dietitians, doctors, nurses, surgeons, gym instructors, yoga teachers, and health specialists. Health is wealth, so all the doctors suggest a better lifestyle by referring to the best food lifestyle to take care of your health. These best lifestyle PowerPoint templates are one of the most demanding health niches focused PowerPoint templates you can find on the internet. These top nutrition PPT templates are released with 140 unique drag and drop slides that are featuring a healthy lifestyle, weight loss, organic food, etc.

Travel and Tourism PowerPoint Presentation Template - Beautiful Modern PowerPoint Templates

Are planning a world tour with your friends and colleagues? Want to show some spectacular country sceneries on your travels or tourism company? Want to display your travel and tour packages to your customers? Then it would be best if you bought our travel and tourism PowerPoint presentation templates. These modern presentation templates are available with 61 different colorful slides. All the slides are 100% customizable, and you can convert this PPT to high-quality PDF files. These attractive PowerPoint templates are an excellent choice for showcasing your travel packages on your customer lounge’s HD Wide TV screens. This PPT template can attract many eyes and thereby you’ll get more signup from the potential customers.

Real Estate PowerPoint Presentation Template

Real Estate is one of the most downloaded Real Estate PowerPoint presentation templates in the SlideSalad. These beautiful PPT templates are a sales tool for real estate agents, real estate companies and real estate agencies. These templates were featuring 45 variety of slides, dozens of vector icons, and 110+ pre-made color themes. The fonts used in these slides are a perfect match for the best modern PowerPoint presentation. Replacing the pictures in the picture placeholders can make a full impact on the presentation. Any non-technical person can easily edit the slides and make fully-animated stunning PowerPoint presentations.

Construction PowerPoint Presentation Template

Nowadays, construction companies are also in need of some best modern PowerPoint presentation templates to convince the clients to signup the contracts. Not all the clients can be satisfied by telling about your construction company verbally. You must creatively showcase your recent projects in the form of PowerPoint presentations. With the help of this premium construction company focused PowerPoint presentation templates, you can display your recent works like building projects, apartment projects, villas and flats projects, corporate companies or large construction properties without any hustle. These PowerPoint designs pack are delivering 32 different slides and over 5500 high-quality vector icons. Since this famous PPT templates are packed with unlimited theme colors, you can easily match the company colors within a few clicks!

Brainstorming Decision Making PowerPoint Templates Designs

The brainstorming and decision making PPT templates are the most effective PowerPoint templates which is prepared for educational, business planning, and project planning purposes. The 105 fresh slides are containing topics on Ansoff’s Growth Matrix, BCG Matrix, PEST Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, STEEP Analysis, KWL Charts, Perceptual Maps of Price vs Functionality, 4Ls Retrospective, SWOT Analysis, Agile Retrospective, Starfish Retrospective, Start Stop Continue Retrospective, Stakeholder Map, Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, The Risk Assessment Templates, Pros and Cons, Impact Effort Matrix, Urgent Important Matrix, How Now Wow Matrix, SOAR Analysis, RAID Log, KWHLAQ Individual, For and Against, Plus Minus Interesting, List of Questions and much more topics, when it comes to creating a presentation for decision making, group discussion, planning and executing for educational institutions, business, and corporate companies,  then you can consider these modern PPT templates

Conclusion: Best Modern PowerPoint Templates

Modern PowerPoint Templates are the best tool for creating a stunning PowerPoint presentation. Since these premium modern PPT presentation templates are multipurpose and ready to use, you can use these templates for making an attractive and engaging PowerPoint presentation for any niches. Now you don’t have to waste your valuable time for creating a modern PPT template for your business or firm. All you need is to choose the one you like the most and complete your presentation within a few hours. We hope you have found one of the Best Modern PowerPoint Templates for your next presentation journey. Feel free to purchase one time and use it for a lifetime! We can’t wait for you to see you onboard as our client!