Best Keynote Templates for Business Presentations

Today, SlideSalad is proudly presenting one of the best collections of Keynote templates for business presentations. Keynote is one of the most popular presentation software developed by Apple. Since the Keynote software is made only for Apple devices, the popularity of Keynote presentation templates are much fewer when we compare with PowerPoint presentation templates, and the Google Slides templates.

The challenge of making an excellent presentation design is the limited time availability and the complexity of the Keynote presentation software. That’s why we created Keynote templates designs for Apple device users. You can choose from a variety of professional Keynote templates which are available for immediate purchase. You can seamlessly edit these templates and make any modifications in terms of texts, images, picture placeholders, vector icons, etc. Another advantage of our professional Keynote templates is; you can easily change the brand colors of the slides with a click of a button. Whether you are creating a presentation for pitching your audience, projects, investor’s meetups, or company’s annual reports, our premium Keynote templates are the best choice.

Now, let’s dive into some of our top Keynote templates for business presentations which are carefully designed for any type of business niches.

Simplicity Business Keynote Templates

If you are looking for a Keynote presentation template to match your business goals, then you can purchase our Simplicity Business Keynote templates. This great Keynote templates design is featuring an enormous collection of 300 entirely animated unique slides, and 5500+ fully customizable vector icons and shapes. The slides are covering agenda, who we are, what we do, mission, vision, services, history timelines, timelines, infographics, meet our team, client’s testimonials, pricing tables, numeric lists, portfolio layouts, SWOT analysis, process infographics, steps infographics, data charts, and full editable county maps.

Best Investors Pitch Deck Keynote Templates

Most of the startup entrepreneurs are focusing on their dream projects to become a great success. For their project fulfillment, they have to acquire powerful investors. If you are a startup business owner, then you must consider buying our best investors pitch deck Keynote templates for business presentations. With the power of 415 unique slides and thousands of completely customizable vector icons, you can make attractive investors pitch deck presentation on Keynote in no time. These top Keynote presentation templates come with shapes, diagrams, charts, Venn-diagrams, pricing tables, and country maps, which is more than enough to capture any serious investors meet.

Best Sales Deck Keynote Templates

Are you a salesperson? Do you want to know an efficient way to drive more sales for your business? Then the only tool you need to is our Best Sales Deck Keynote Templates for business presentation. This multipurpose Keynote templates design collection comes with 354 unique slides which are fully animated and ready-to-add data and use. Whether you are working for an advertising agency, creative agency, web design or web development companies, manufacturing companies, or even law firms, these professional Keynote templates can take your selling pitch to the next level.

Best Business Plan Keynote Template For Presentations

Planning plays a pivotal role in any business. Showcasing business strategies with your colleagues, team members, business partners are one of the usual scenes in the companies. To make your business idea more successful, we are presenting one of the best business planning presentation templates for Apple Keynote. You can seamlessly make attractive business plan presentations by suitably utilizing 270 entirely different slides, that are packed with thousands of customizable vector icons, design elements, image placeholders, and hundreds of color themes. If you are looking for modern business plan Keynote templates designs for iOS devices, then you can purchase this template without considering twice.

Best Annual Report Keynote Template Designs

Making annual reports for the company’s financial audit is an imperative task. Usually, the annual reports are created for the company’s board of directors, investors, and stakeholders. It is essential to include all the aspects of a company’s performance in terms of human resources, stocks, inventories, achievements, etc. This clean annual report presentation for Keynote makes your job smooth and accurate. From this best Keynote templates collection, you are getting creative and editable graphic slides, look-back slides, infographics, data charts, tables, statistics data presentation, pie-diagrams, Venn diagrams, customizable maps, and break section slides.

Multipurpose Business Presentation Template for Apple Keynote

The multi business Keynote presentation template is one of the top Keynote templates for business presentations. With this creative Keynote presentation template, you can instantly start making your business presentation from scratch. With the power of 210 unique and clean slides, you can deliver critical insights to stakeholders effortlessly. This professional Keynote template comes with different styles of text boxes, timeline history, business services, project portfolios, company’s team profiles, variety of pricing tables, complex infographic designs, iPhone mockups, iPad mockups, iMac mockups, data charts, break sections, and easy to edit vector country maps.

Modern Keynote Template for Presentations

Who said business presentations are boring? Now you can show your business expertise to your potential clients, stakeholders, and investors in a very eye-catching way. For this, all you have to do is to buy our modern Keynote templated for business presentations. This stylish and trendy Keynote presentation templates design is designed for showcasing your breakthrough ideas to your viewers.  The most profound varieties of slides, including the contemporary typography and bold use of photos, make this stylish Keynote templates collection more attractive. Whether you are looking for Keynote presentation templates for iMac, iPhone, or iPad, this template does the job perfectly!

Elegant Keynote Template Designs

Are you an enthusiast of elegant, clean designs and layouts? Then this Keynote presentation templates is for you. This Pro Keynote business presentation templates design is carrying 180 different slides. All the slides are pre-built with charming animations. All you have to do is; insert your business photos, add your business data, company information, and other necessary information. This ready-to-use Keynote templates are focusing on the clean representation of your business data with the help of beautiful image placeholders, infographics, data charts, vector icons, and entirely editable vector maps.

Professional Keynote Templates for Creative Businesses

Are you working for a creative ad agency or an advertising agency? Seeking for the best way to impress your customers? Then you must buy our creative Keynote presentation templates for creative professionals. This attractive Keynote presentation templates collection holds over 141 unique slide designs with thousands of vector icons. Among the advantage of color themes, you can easily replace the color of the slides within one click! Once you finish designing your professional Keynote presentation template, you can easily upload your Keynote file to your iCloud account to make it accessible on all your Apple devices. Accordingly, you can easily open and edit your Keynote presentation templates on any iOS or MAC devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iMacs.

Business Proposal Keynote Presentation Templates

Proposals are the primary factor of any sales. If your proposals are powerful enough to pass your message to the client, then the conversion rate will be very high. That’s why we created “Business Proposal Keynote Presentation Templates.” This top Keynote templates collection for business presentation is always the best-selling templates in SlideSalad. This Keynote templates design pack comprises of 116 different varieties of slides emphasizing all the aspects of business presentation requirements. Whether you run a small, medium, or a large business, this business proposal Keynote templates is enough to bring you more conversions in short time.

Minimal Keynote Presentation Templates for Business Presentations

Clean Business Keynote Template is a creative, clean, simple, and unique template designed for any types of business from construction, agriculture, engineering, manufacturing, professional services to medical fields. This comprehensive Keynote templates design is capable of promoting your business with minimal efforts. This top Keynote presentation templates design is coming with 180 unique slides, including drag-and-drop ready vector icons, design elements, and infographics. One of the most prominent advantages of our Keynote templates are, these templates are coming with two screen aspect ratios, which is 4:3 & 16:9. This best Keynote templates design also have 10 theme colors for your business brand identity!

Minimal Keynote Presentation Template Design

If you are a follower of minimalist designs, then this is the top Keynote presentation templates designs you can buy today. This versatile presentation theme is ready for top-notch presentations for your audience. With the minimalist design, you can make sure that the message is presenting with full clarity. If you want to make an impact on your next business presentation on Keynote, then this is the appropriate Keynote presentation template you need to consider. The trending Keynote template is featuring all the business essentials, including company overview slides, SWOT analysis, data charts, statistic data representation, team presentation, and country maps.

Creative Minimalist Keynote Template

Whatever your business topic is, this creative Keynote template can do that in no time. If you are moving to a presentation on an investment pitch deck, investment proposal, company portfolio presentation, sales planning, investors meet, business seminars, business meetings with potential stakeholders, investors, or any other company meet-ups, you can take this Keynote presentation handy for your quick need. To make your Keynote presentation looks more winning, several slides are using image placeholders and image backgrounds to place your business images accordingly. All you have to do is to replace the photos and place your text properly. Then you are ready to go! No need to think twice, order this professional Keynote templates designs today!

Infographics Keynote Template Designs

Infographics are the most necessary elements in any Keynote presentation. We know that not all business professionals are excellent in creating eye-catching infographics. This best Keynote infographic templates design contains many variations of lists, flow charts, process diagrams, SWOT analysis diagrams, steps diagrams, pie chart styles, and 5500+ Vector Icons. All the slides in this Keynote design pack are beautifully animated. Hence, all you need is to fill your data and show it to your audience. For those who want to make their Keynote presentations looks fantastic, buy this Infographics Keynote Template Designs Pack 01 today.

Best Infographics Keynote Template Designs

Nobody likes to see your complex data in simple bullet points and text boxes. You have to provide your statistics, finding, and other sophisticated data to your audience clearly and beautifully. To accomplish this, you must add engaging infographics to your Keynote presentations. These infographics are multipurpose and can be applied with any data and quickly put together your presentation. You can utilize these infographics for any problem-solving, projects, school projects, engineering projects, college projects, or any educational or business topics. Whether you are making a company profile, or pitch deck presentation, this top infographic templates for Keynote presentation is an unavoidable factor.

Top Infographics Keynote Template Designs

Designing great Keynote slide layouts is never easier than before with SlideSalad’s Keynote infographic packs. This trending, informative, attractive, multitopic, handy and easy-to-edit business infographic Keynote templates containing 100 unique slides which are suitable for any business niches. You can use these beautiful infographic designs for clean business styles, launching products, impressive seminars, compelling Keynote layouts, projects, thesis presentations, business stories, or you name it. If you really want to stand out your Keynote presentation design from others, you must consider buying SlideSalad’s infographic packs for Keynote presentations.


Illustrations, images, design, color combinations are one of the key viewpoints of Keynote presentations. When it comes to professional Keynote presentations, you have to contribute your maximum extent for audience engagement. Merely showing a paragraph won’t be an adequate way for communication. In business, we value professionalism, time, and pride. When it comes to presentations, it is always a smart decision to go with premium Keynote templates for business presentations. Not everyone is a master in designs and colors; accordingly, the way we create the presentation won’t be attractive and powerful to catch the eyes of the audience. Although, when you buy a professionally designed Keynote template for your business presentation, then you can peacefully forget about the branding, design, and the final presentation-quality, furthermore all you need is to focus on the content.

We wish you all the very best for your next Keynote presentation!