Best Infographics PowerPoint Templates for Presentations

Are you looking for the best infographics PowerPoint templates available in the market? Then you landed on the perfect destination. The importance of having attractive and meaningful infographics in presentations is an essential element in any type of PowerPoint presentations. The main reason behind it is because nobody likes a presentation without images and interactive elements. Therefore, in this blog post, we are going to introduce some of the best Infographic PowerPoint templates you can consider for your next PowerPoint presentation. Throughout this blog post, we’ve covered all type of best premium PowerPoint infographic templates that suits the variety of your presentation needs. Without further waiting, let’s have a look at this templates collection.

Best PowerPoint Infographics Templates PPT Slides Diagrams 1

Your presentation is not going to be more realistic without using our best infographics designs PowerPoint templates packs. This huge pack contains hundreds of high-quality infographic illustrations that you can easily use with any presentations. All the vector illustrations are fully drag and drop ready. Moreover, this template contains thousands of ready-to-use vector icons from a variety of business niches. This PPT templates design is coming in two display resolutions, 4:3 and 16:9. Since we are providing unlimited theme color options, you don’t have to worry about matching these infographic elements with your presentation’s color scheme.

Infographics Designs Pack Best Multipurpose PowerPoint Templates for Corporate Presentation 1

If you are struggling to showcase your complex yet innovative ideas to the audience, then you must consider our awesome infographic templates pack. Most of the PPT infographics in this pack highlights numerous steps or points in a visually appealing and straightforward manner. Most importantly, we are using professional animations to “each step.” This is very helpful to introduce each section of the infographic professionally. Whether you are creating a professional, creative, or general PowerPoint presentations, this infographic pack is the best choice. Additionally, you can have a look at our premium best animated PowerPoint templates.

Top Infographics Designs Pack Trending Multicolor PowerPoint Templates 1

The PowerPoint infographic set 3 contains hundreds of unique slides that are entirely suitable for presenting every perspective of your business presentations. This top infographic design template comprises professional slides with image layouts, process diagrams, arrow diagrams, timeline diagrams, block diagrams, process diagrams, segmented cycles, radial clusters, organizational charts, grouped lists, basic and inverted pyramids, and fully resizable vector country flags that help with complex data visualization in PowerPoint presentations. You can effortlessly customize the design layout with master slides (slide master) and can build your infographics in unlimited color combinations.

Infographics Designs Packs Multipurpose Business Infographics Templates 1

The creative infographics PPT templates design pack contains a variety of useful vector infographics that supports your presentation topics. The kit comprises unique slides that hold diagrams of many illustrations. Some of them are:

  • Continues picture lists
  • Horizontal picture lists
  • Picture accent lists
  • Tiled picture blocks
  • Increasing circle processes
  • Vertical chevron lists
  • Trapezoid lists
  • Vertical arrow lists
  • Step up process
  • Circle diagrams
  • Organizational charts
  • Venn diagrams
  • Matrix diagrams
  • Pyramid structures
  • Africa flags
  • Asia flags
  • Europe flags
  • North America flags
  • South America flags
  • Australia flags

Additionally, this multipurpose infographic template is packed with thousands of vector icons to improve your presentation. We also recommend having a look at our multipurpose PowerPoint presentation templates.

Digital Marketing PowerPoint Templates Infographics Modern PPT Slides 1

This premium online marketing infographic focused template set encourages you to broadcast your PPT with circles, arrows, stars, gears, and other useful shapes to generate striking digital marketing presentations. There are hundreds of color variations and vector infographic slides, delivering this template a fully-fledged marketing tool. The attractive statistics charts and vector icons are straightforward to edit, and it also offers multiple ways to present both professional and casual data. This easy to use design template includes fully animated slides and slide transitions to make it more elegant and attractive. The template model is loaded with all types of digital marketing types, which are not limited to inbound marketing, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, etc.), Content marketing, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Digital Marketing Proposals PowerPoint Templates For Presentations 1

Whether you represent an advertising agency, creative agency, online advertising agency, or any sort of marketing or sales company, then you are well aware of the importance of a comprehensive digital marketing proposal. This powerful online marketing proposal template is a perfect companion for anyone who wants to convert a lead or prospect effortlessly. This top-selling infographic rich PowerPoint template is featuring a visual representation of executive summary, the scope of services, process, and strategy, project deliverables, proposed schedule (timeframe), investment (budget), about us, case studies, testimonials, and contact us. Whether you are delivering a presentation for your clients, leads, managers, potential investors, stakeholders, use this professional template to make them fully convinced with your online marketing proposal.

Timelines Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

Looking for some timelines infographic examples to spice up your presentation? Then consider purchasing this cool PowerPoint presentation template. The design can help you to build any type of timeline diagrams in no time. Conventional business processes run in cycles, so it’s a suitable fit to represent them with an arranged timeline infographic design. This useful timeline infographic PPT template does that job effectively. The diagrams used in the slides show how the components and steps fit commonly into the larger design. The design provides examples of company history, horizontal and vertical timelines, progress and promotion plans, circle timelines, monthly, quarterly, and yearly planning timelines, and various management and process timelines.

Company History Timelines Diagrams PowerPoint Templates Designs

People trust old, famous, and well-recognized companies, and brands. To help your customers or leads to evaluate the previous history, it is always and a great idea to represent it in a history timeline. This allows you to graphically represent your company’s journey on a yearly basis. For this goal, we have released one of the best company history timelines diagrams template for PowerPoint presentations. The template design provides a variety of timelines styles that can be customized to any extend. Moreover, the pack also contains hundreds of color themes (color palettes) and thousands of well-organized vector shapes and icons.

Project Timelines Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

It is vital to create project timelines before starting any project. Now you can easily create simple, neat, and efficient project timelines using our premium infographic templates design. This flexible Gantt chart styled timelines can easily schedule the project based on your project duration requirements. You can use this template for any type of projects like:

  • IT projects
  • Engineering projects
  • School projects
  • College projects
  • Medical projects
  • Arts/science projects
  • Technical projects
  • Non-profit organization projects
  • And many more

The multiple variations of the timelines are an excellent support for project managers, team leads, and members who want to create project deadlines professionally.

Funnel Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

Funnel representations are one of the most commonly used methods in various businesses, sales, marketing, and projects to demonstrate stages, process, and progress. This creative multi-dimensional PowerPoint template is a good option for sales analysis, business planning, risk analysis, conversion analysis, customer segmentation, bottleneck analysis, and many more. This premium template design provides many use-cases of 2D funnels, 3D funnels, horizontal funnels, vertical funnels, and double funnels infographics. Moreover, you can preserve track of the process in the production in your company with a cylindrical process or stage infographic layout PPT slides. This kind of 2D and the 3D diagrams are keen to understand what degree your products and services are performing.

Circle Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

Looking for some colorful and impressive circle process infographics? Then you must be looking for this premium template. Don’t miss this elegantly designed modern PowerPoint infographic template that’s full of vector illustration options. The interesting and professional design is assured to bring your target audience’s attention. Pick from a variety of unique slides with unlimited color schemes. The slides are also completely animated to encourage you to further captivate your audience. This template is coming with 4:3 and 16:9 screen ratios. That means, your slides can be projected to any high resolution (HD) projectors or monitors. Furthermore, you can upload your .PPT or .PPTX file on OneDrive or Google Drive to access it anywhere on any device.

Cycle Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

Cycle Infographics are one of the most helpful illustrations to visualize the process/stages of any business, projects, or any period. With the help of cycle diagrams, you can easily highlight the importance and priority of a stage or progress. This top infographics PowerPoint template is used by the many professionals who are working in advertising, marketing, sales, and business. This template model is having vivid colors and professional fonts. Use this stunning infographic PPT template for a blend of purposes to show your real data professionally. Create eye-catching process or progress charts that you share in a presentation.

Folded Circle Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

The folded diagram illustration PPT template is one of the best infographic templates selling on SlideSalad. If you are presenting any stage or process-related data, then, the perfect presentation template for you would be the folded circle diagrams PowerPoint template. This PPT presentation template has numerous styles for you to present your information in the best, natural, and logical way. Some of the best use-cases for folded circle diagrams are:

  1. Product life cycles
  2. Progress illustrations
  3. Project management
  4. Project planning
  5. Sales report preparations
  6. Strategic management
  7. Investment planning
  8. Pitch deck presentations
  9. Sales deck presentations
  10. Marketing presentations
3D Pyramids Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

The most significant part of working with an infographic template in Microsoft PowerPoint is picking the appropriate visual style to showcase your data. Before you begin adding your information into an infographic illustration, you have to review your options to choose the best and perfect one. For instance, the overlying concentric triangle pyramids that show how the shared components of ideas versus the diverging points. With our 3D pyramids, you can easily add any type of data into your presentation to represent a level or stage of any topic, project, business, or service. Furthermore, you can conveniently export it to social media sites to completely stand out in your follower’s feeds. The illustrations are easy-to-update with your data that are ideal for developing the right infographics.

Cones Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

The 3D cones infographic template design is very similar to the triangle 3D pyramid structure diagrams. This fresh infographic PPT template is an excellent choice for the data that need special attention. You can effortlessly display cones in 1 item views, 2 item views, 3 item views, 4 item views, 5 item views, and 6 item views. Additionally, the template package contains unlimited color palettes to match with your presentation and brand color. You can easily apply any theme color within just a click of a button. So, what are you wondering about? Buy this premium infographic template for PPT presentations.

Puzzle Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

If you need to illustrate how separate pieces of data fit together, this 3D puzzle toolbox infographic PowerPoint template is the absolute way to achieve it. With flat styles, creative layouts, master slides, the template makes your presentation looks wonderful in all aspects. This amazing infographic set includes a variety of diverse puzzle visualizations in hundreds of theme color variations. Not sure about our premium presentation quality? We highly recommend trying one of our free PowerPoint presentation templates from our catalog to feel our design quality. Just download for free and compare the features, quality with our competitors.

3D Spheres Divisions Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

Going to create a PowerPoint presentation just using images? Why don’t you make it by adding some impressive infographic illustrations? Our best 3D sphere divisions PPT template is a versatile design that can be used on any type of presentation that requires data representations in a sphere structure. The slides are holding from 1 to 8 divisions of data representations in a stunning way. Each division is separated with a proper gradient of colors to express the density of data. More text data is placed on the sides of the design, with many variations of horizontal and vertical lists. Purchase this stunning infographic today!

Medical Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

If you are a doctor, surgeon, nurse, or medical student, who is looking for the best medical and healthcare infographic template to improve your existing presentation, then you have to consider purchasing this premium presentation template. This medical infographic template package holds high-quality healthcare-related vector illustrations. All the vector illustrations are completely customizable for ease. All you need is to choose the figure you need, then copy and paste it on your presentation. The template holds topics about human body anatomy, medical concepts, lists, comparisons, etc. This professional infographic template is also drag-and-drop ready.

New Product Launch Go to Market Plan and Strategy PowerPoint Template

The new product launch and go to market plan and strategy PPT template is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation design released for helping anyone who wants to launch a new product or service to the market strategically. The template can help create market analysis, market strategy, market planning, proposal creation, roadmap planning, product planning, and much more. This template can play a crucial role in the startup pitch deck presentation for convincing potential stakeholders and investors. Additionally, the slides having multiple variations of design elements, that are not limited to:

  • Various text boxes
  • Stylish headlines
  • Multiple list types
  • Organized tables
  • SWOT analysis structures
  • Funnel visualizations
  • Charts, diagrams, and shapes
Go to Market Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

This infographic template collection is focusing on the shapes, diagrams, pictorial representation for the go-to-market strategy PPT presentation. This premium top infographic PowerPoint template is loaded with many variations of illustrations that are wholly unique and transformable. The topics discussed in the slides are; Go To Market Strategy and plan Diagrams, demand creation process, customer needs analysis, everything about GTM and its strategy, process and support function, SWOT analysis, buyer’s journey, sales process, social media impact, market thumbprint, timeline to revenue, demand creation and management, and many more topics. There are many more fascinating creatives, handcrafted in this infographics design package. Furthermore, the slides are easy to edit and update them whenever you need them. If you need any support from our team, you are free to contact SlideSalad anytime!

Growth Strategy PowerPoint Template

Are you a new startup founder or entrepreneur who is looking for a perfect way to showcase your business and growth ideas to your investors, stakeholders, or partner or setting up new business goals? Then it’s time to move with our growth strategy PPT infographic template. This compelling infographic template is having many useful features like image placeholders, premium graphics, easily readable fonts, professional slide transitions, beautiful animations, image backgrounds, options to embed stock photos, embed YouTube, Vimeo, or self-hosted videos, and much more. When it comes to the slide contents, it talks about various growth strategies, growth basics, types of growth, consolidation endgame curve, Ansoff matrix, Porter’s five forces analysis, etc.

Customer Acquisition Strategy and Plan PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

Building up an exceptional customer acquisition strategy and planning is now comfortable with our premium infographic diagrams template. This well-organized comprehensive template holds hundreds of unique slides that talk about the basics, factors, strategies, process, planning, management, framework, CRM, AIDA models, customer satisfaction and feedback methodologies, and other various aspects in acquiring potential leads and prospects. This is a perfect companion to use in the different stages in the customer’s journey, which is awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and decision or purchase stages. There are also thousands of fully editable vector icons and unlimited different color code schemes.

Six Sigma PowerPoint Templates PPT DMAIC Diagrams Slides

Giving time to choosing the proper infographic is very crucial for the success of any presentation. You have to think about the nature of the visual that showcases your concept effectively. SlideSalad is the best source for the infographic diagrams. Here in this template pack, we are providing detailed diagrams of Six Sigma and DMAIC Models. Moreover, this infographic template for PowerPoint comprises hundreds of unique slides so that you can choose the appropriate plan for you. From circular diagrams to pyramid diagrams, this infographic bundle is going to accommodate you with diverse styles for you to pick from. Its slides are exceptional to be used while a corporate business meeting, startup, or showcasing a detailed financial report.

Strategy Models Processes Practices PowerPoint Templates Slides

The best business strategy models and practices PPT template is a handcrafted PowerPoint infographic theme with a great retro look and feel. It carries various unique templates and premium color tones, from subdued to vigorous. This allows you to easily select a slide design that satisfies your needs or resembles your corporate branding. This professional vintage theme incorporates business matching icons and charts that you can quickly copy and paste to make the complete infographic-rich presentation. The main topics discussed in this template is not limited to:

  1. Ansoff Growth Matrix Template
  2. Strategic Condition Matrix – ADL Matrix Template
  3. CAGE Distance Framework Template
  4. Competitive Analysis Template
  5. Contingency Plan – Mind Mapping
  6. Lewin’s Force Field Model
  7. Gap Analysis Diagram
  8. GE McKinsey 9-Box Matrix Template
  9. Hook Model of Behavioral Designs
  10. Kotler’s Five Product Levels Model Template
  11. McKinsey’s Seven Degrees of Freedom for Growth
  12. PEST Analysis Template
  13. Scenario Planning Template
  14. TOWS Matrix Template
  15. Triple Bottom Line Template
  16. Value Chain Analysis Template
  17. Value Disciplines Model Template
  18. Value Net Model Template
  19. Values Statement Template
  20. Vision Statement Template
  21. VRIO Analysis Template
  22. Weisbord’s Six-Box Model Template and more!
Marketing Models Processes Practices PowerPoint Templates Slides Designs

This premium marketing model template can be used in any business niche, for example, advertising agencies, marketing companies, web design agencies, web development companies, financial institutions, auditing firms, travel and tour consultants, job consultancies, or you name it. All business type requires a marketing model and practices to set a proper vision about the business’s future. Using our template allows you to craft the most winning marketing model presentation in no time. The template talks about various business strategies; 7 Cs Compass Model, AIDA Marketing Model, BCG Matrix, Closed-Loop Customer Feedback, Customer Experience Maturity Model, Marketing Mix 4P’s and 6P’s Models, Trend Mapping and Value Proposition templates.

Project Management Methodologies Processes Models PowerPoint Templates Presentations

Expressing your project plan on a PowerPoint presentation is always a wise idea. But displaying all the content only in the text format is an annoying thing. That’s why we are recommending using our top infographics PowerPoint templates. This project planning, management models, and practices PPT template is an all-in-one infographic template you need to build a well-structured project forecasting presentation. It’s suitable for creating agile project management layouts, developing action plans, performing business analysis, setting business goals, creating task templates, creating time schedules, building data diagrams, waterfall diagram preparation, outcome forecasting, and more.

Human Resources Models Processes Practices PowerPoint Templates Slides Designs

Finding up the right talent for the company is a hard task. But it is now more probable with our best HR models and practices PPT templates design. Whether you are an HR manager, HR executive, you must consider purchasing this exclusive template for easing your workflow and organizing your daily routines. It covers various sections of Ulrich, 8-box, Standard Causal, HR Value Chain, Warwick, Guest, Fombrun, The 5P’s models. Moreover, it also brings attention to Job Analysis and Description, Mentoring Action Plan, RACI, Skills Requirement Checklist, Skills Requirement Checklist, and more.

Digital Transformation PowerPoint Template

Searching for the design elements, images, and components that are required to create the best digital transformation presentation? Then it’s time to consider getting our best digital transformation PPT theme. This PowerPoint theme is sufficient for presenting a well-matured presentation in front of your clients, leads, prospects, boss, managing director, CEO, CMO, CFO, CTO, manager, team lead, or even potential investors and stakeholders. The template starts from the introduction slide and goes through the digital transformation, four and six stages, why digital transformation, core elements, task distribution, seven layers, customer engagements, product transformation, and ends with the sign-off slide. So, buy this best premium infographic PPT template today.

Change Management PowerPoint Template

Now you can easily create a unique plan and implement it properly in your company or organization with our most demanding change management PPT template. This easy to use theme model pack contains different slides about the change management definition, basics, concepts and models, the reason for plan failure, success factors, analysis and tools, strategy and implementations, practical tools and more. As usual, this template comes with both .PPT and .PPTX versions. So, you can easily upload this template to Google Slides and edit as you wish. Therefore, you can easily copy and paste any infographic figure to Google Slide templates.

STP Marketing Mix Model PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

This super clean, minimalist infographic PPT template is featuring the principles of STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning). All the elements in the slides are easily movable, and you can customize the shape, size, and color within a few clicks. STP is standard in any size businesses, whether it is a small business, medium-sized business, or large corporate business. This simple and elegant template is featuring the subjects on Geographic, Demographic, and Psychographic segmentation, Positioning Process, Positioning Strategies, 2×2 Product Positioning Map Template, Product Positioning, Competitor Positioning and Landscape, and Strategic Positioning.

Marketing Mix Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

If you are searching for a perfect example for marketing mix diagrams, then your search ends here. This well-maintained premium quality template features the various strategies used in marketing, that is, process, price, people, product, place, and promotion. Furthermore, the slides elaborate on the 4Ps, 5Ps, 6Ps, 7Ps in the marketing mix. This minimalist template is a perfect companion for marketing specialists, digital marketing experts, SEO (search engine optimization) experts, digital media strategists, sales analysts, and many more marketing professionals. You can easily showcase your presentation on any Android, iOS devices if Microsoft PowerPoint app is installed. If you need good device mockups (We have all types of mockups, which are not limited to browser mockups, Android Smartphones, Tablets, iPhone, iPad, iWatch mockups, and more) for your presentation, consider buying any one of our premium multipurpose PowerPoint templates.

Mind Mapping Infographics PowerPoint Templates Diagrams

Mind mapping diagrams are the best way to express your ideas to your colleagues and team members. You can also use the elements in your pitch deck and sales deck presentations to convince your investors and stakeholders. So, if you are looking for a brain design themed PPT infographic template, then please count this premium theme for your next presentation. This fresh design is suitable for any type of presentation. The key features of this design packs are:

  • Drag and drop ready slides
  • Full HD infographics
  • 4:3 & 16:9 screen resolutions (Separate files)
  • Unlimited color themes
  • Vector & fully resizable design elements
  • Thousands of well-categorized icons
  • Free fonts
  • Free technical support via email
  • Lifetime free product updates
Targets Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

The target diagrams are one of the simple and most commonly used infographic templates design selling in SlideSalad. These elegant PowerPoint infographic design components are used in most of our multipurpose premium templates. The design of the infographic element represents the dart arrows. This indicates setting a goal. As always, this pack also comes with a variety of theme colors, thousands of free icons, and more. The use cases of target diagrams are project planning, task goal setting, business targets, sales target setting, marketing milestones, goal achievements, the aim of the services and projects, and more.

Venn Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

Venn diagrams are the perfect graphical illustrations that can be used for displaying some combination of data. For example, A+B=C. Likewise, you can also show logical conditions, the relationship between two entities, and more. SlideSalad’s Venn diagram template designs are an excellent add-on for any type of PowerPoint presentation that needs to display creative overlapping circle layouts. Purchase this extremely beneficial infographic template that provides you with designs that are continuing to help you perform something unique and fulfill your statistics and data in such a way that anyone can follow.

Trafficlights Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

The traffic lights diagrams are incredibly beneficial in the cases where you want to say does and don’ts, pros and cons, ON or OFF conditions, positive, negative and neutral conditions, and many more real-life use cases. Using the modern infographic template design can help create colorful and vibrant slides. Many of our customers are already using this template for educating and giving awareness to the people and distinct communities. Purchase and download this template for free to use these amazing illustrations on your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. If you are MAC/IOS user, the we also recommend having a look at our premium Apple Keynote PowerPoint templates.

Dashboards Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

The tachometer diagram’s illustrations are very useful to represent work progress, capacity ranges, KPIs (Key Potential Indicators), development timeframes, project progress, multiple stages, phases of projects, planning, strategies, and more. To make this template even better, we have added some of the cool slide transitions and beautiful animations for the design elements. The infographics are prepared for the compatibility of light and dark versions of presentations. That means it fits well in both light and dark backgrounds. For your information, you can freely use this premium PowerPoint template on any Microsoft office versions, which are not limited to office 2007, office 2010, office 365, etc. All premium and free templates are absolutely ready for the software’s backward compatibility. Some of our premium templates are A4 print ready.

Roadmap Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

The road road Mapping infographic diagrams are an excellent selection for showcasing history, progress, and timelines of a project. The project can be the growth of a business, firm, or company. By using road Maps diagrams, you can easily craft the timeline to show the past, present, and future stages. Many industries use this kind of roadmapping diagram. For example:

  1. Marketing and Sales
  2. Statistical Analysis
  3. Mathematical Theories
  4. Future Forecasting
  5. Progress Evaluation
  6. Goal Setting
  7. Growth Analysis
  8. Chart Preparations
  9. And Many More
Supply Chain Management PowerPoint Templates Presentations

Illustrate and evaluate your supply chain management from the manufacturers, distributors, and end-users. By using our slide designs, you can effortlessly visualize the process graphically. Now you don’t need any graphic designers or creative professionals to make complex diagrams. All you need is to enter your data in Microsoft Excel, without leaving the PPT software. It contains a table of content, introduction, components, supply chain management, and optimization, company’s timelines, objectives, activities, process, changes, SCM strategies, building, and sourcing strategies, order fulfillment steps, inventory management, financial and non-financial measurements, stochastic modeling, common problems, and SCM checklists.

Waste Management PowerPoint Templates Presentations Infographics Designs

When it comes to the best waste management and environmental related topic’s infographic diagrams, the SlideSalad is the No.1 choice for you. Our waste management PPT template design provides topics on waste recycling, reuse and reduces, organic, metal, plastic, paper, glass, and e-waste recycling. Moreover, it provides diagrams of the solutions for business waste management and waste recycling processes. The design also offers many options for the data charts, Pie-diagrams, statistical graphs, tables, bullet points, numbered points, tables, various headline styles, subheading styles, titles, and subtitles. Whether you are a nature lover, environment enthusiast, or a hard-core environmentalist, this is the best template you can find on the internet.

World Maps Infographics PowerPoint Templates Designs

Having a beautiful world map or country maps within the presentation gives a professional impact on your performance. Instead of using a boring still picture, you can use our fully editable and color-changeable world and country map illustrations. Furthermore, you can stretch or shrink the map to any extend without losing the quality. Meanwhile, if you do this on a static image, you will pixelate the image, and your audience cannot read the points correctly. This huge infographic package contains a variety of styles for the world map and hundreds of country maps. We have included a map of all countries. You can find countries from all continents, which are not limited to North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


All energetic presentations formulate an action. A comprehensive infographic can serve as the beginning of a conversation with your audience members. These are the most reliable way to jump forward while designing your PPT presentation. Without wasting too much time for creating unique slides, all you need is to grab one of the best infographics PowerPoint templates from the above collection and convert it as yours by replacing the dummy data.