Best Free Keynote Templates

SlideSalad is the only free Keynote templates design provider on the internet that provides high-quality free Keynote templates to everyone. Nowadays, Apple Keynote presentations are getting popular. Since Apple Keynote is a free software that comes with all Apple devices, the users of Keynote users are rapidly expanding. Many of the business individuals and professionals are preparing their business and personal presentations on Apple Keynote. Meanwhile, not the users are professionals in designing attractive Keynote slides; we decided to share some of our free Keynote templates to all the visitors of SlideSalad to improve their presentation styles.

All these free Keynote templates have premium quality and arranged with various features of our Premium Keynote Templates. All you need is to choose the best Keynote template you like and download it. Once you download it, you can use that template to make your next Keynote presentation! So, have a look at these fabulous collections of free Keynote templates.

Elevator Free Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Elevator free pitch deck Keynote template is one of the best free Keynote templates, which can support you to get the attention of your potential investors and stakeholders instantly. These stunning Keynote presentation templates cover all the basics of an elevator pitch deck presentations which include; an opening slide, the problem, the solution, market size, business model, proprietary technology/expertise, competitor’s analysis, our way, founding team, money, and milestones. When it comes to a convincing pitch deck presentation, you must include those slides. This free Keynote templates collection comprises 12 unique slides which are entirely animated, and you can edit the slide contents effortlessly.

Best Free Keynote Templates

This free multipurpose Keynote presentation templates pack featuring 18 completely editable unique slides. The slides contain a variety of image placeholders, infographics, charts, diagrams, and a world map. The most significant advantage of this trending free Keynote templates pack is, all the elements used in these templates are easily customizable without prior knowledge in designing. You can use this free Keynote presentation templates design for pitch deck presentations, business meeting, company portfolio, sales meeting with the clients, or even professional lectures. You can download this free Keynote presentation template and upload it to your iCloud for easy access.

Concept Free Keynote Templates

Sometimes, even small presentations can make big impacts. That’s why we have this short and straightforward free Keynote presentation template called “Concept.” This free Keynote presentation template has seven unique slides which are fully editable on any Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iMac. Whether you want to show your presentation on your iPhone or iMac, this presentation resembles a crisp and clear view. The slides are fully animated, and good for any displays including 4:3 or 16:9 widescreen layout. The images used in this free Keynote templates are also included with the download. You are free to use those images in your Keynote presentations without giving any credits to the image author.

Free Download Annual Report PowerPoint Template

Are you in a hurry to make an annual report for your company? Then you must take advantage of our free annual report Keynote presentation template. This awesome free Keynote templates design is featuring seven unique slides, which are 100% editable and completely animated. You can create an eye-catching Keynote presentation in no time with this free Keynote presentation templates design. This Keynote template is created based on unlimited theme colors; so that you are getting endless possibilities of colors which you can apply to the slides. Additionally, this simple Keynote templates design is made of entirely editable vector icons.

Social Media Free Download Keynote Templates Slides

Social media is drastically emerging these days; the leading social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter. That’s why SlideSalad is providing one of the best free social media Keynote templates design that will help you start a stunning social media marketing Keynote presentation. All the seven slides designs have a professional look and carry confidence; use them freely for your own presentation needs. With the help of an introduction slide, image placeholders, statistics, fully editable infographics, you’ll get a great start to build a highly engaging Keynote presentation for your audience!

Free Portfolio Keynote Template

Are you a graphic designer or web designer who is seeking for a free Keynote templates design to showcase your work portfolio? If yes, then you can begin your presentation journey with this creative business portfolio Keynote presentation templates design. This free Keynote templates design is featuring seven unique slides layouts that you can start with. The first slide shows the presentation cover, and the remaining over six slides include a variety of portfolio designs. Within one click, you can insert your works as an HD image to showcase it to your prospects, thanks to the Keynote image placeholders.

Marketing Free Download Keynote Templates

When it comes to marketing, data is the most valuable element that you cannot ignore. This clean and simple free Keynote template design for marketing is an excellent tool for marketers, especially online marketers, to impress their leads or prospects. You can create captivating business presentations quickly and efficiently using this free Keynote presentation templates design. This free marketing Keynote template contains seven unique slides, which are completely editable. The slides are made up of stunning infographics, charts, tables, and diagrams that will help you to insert and display chunks of data to your audience.

Free Apps Keynote Template Mobile Slides

Mobile apps are rapidly growing these days, many of the mobile app development companies are making millions of dollars by developing high-quality mobile apps. Once the development is finished, or to showcase your previous mobile app development project to the clients, you can use our free “Mobile apps” Keynote presentation template design. Even though this template contains only seven slides, it will help you to start your presentation neatly. If you need more slides and features to speed-up your presentation? Then consider buying the premium version of this free Keynote presentation templates design and complete your presentation professionally!

Elegant Free Keynote Presentation Templates

Elegant is a clean, minimal, and multipurpose free Keynote templates design for corporate or business presentations. Whether you are working for a financial company, non-profit organization, charity foundations, engineering industries or medical institutions, web development or software companies, or even advertising agencies, you can use this free Keynote presentation templates for your next business meeting. This easy-to-edit and incredibly engaging free Keynote presentation templates designs are having seven unique slide designs to spice up your presentation. This free minimal keynote templates design is an ultimate tool for a killer Keynote presentation. So, what you are waiting for? Just download this free Keynote presentation template today!

Creative Free Keynote Presentation Template

Creative is one of the trendy and sophisticated free Keynote templates design released by SlideSalad. Whether you are working for an advertising agency or you are a fine arts student, you need to showcase your work to the audience or the prospects, for that, you can freely use this Keynote templates design. This top free Keynote template is using a single color that will help you to match your brand color. One of the most friendly nature of this free Keynote template is, it will fit almost any topic you are currently working on. All you need is to replace the dummy text and background images with yours.

Best Free Clean Keynote Templates

Not all the users are a fan of multicolor and complex Keynote presentation templates. That’s why SlideSalad made Clean; a free Keynote presentation templates design for the users who believe in simplicity and minimal designs. This simple and attractive free Keynote presentation templates design comprises of seven fully editable unique slides, which is supported for 16:9 widescreen layout for crisp displays. The slides are featuring 100% editable vector icons, image placeholders, attractive and clean font, and minimal animations. The font and the images come with this free Keynote presentation templates are free to use for unlimited usage.

Free Keynote Corporate Profile Templates Slides

Are you wandering for a way to make a professional Keynote presentation in half the time? Then its time to download this free Keynote presentation templates design. This free template holds seven easy-to-edit, completely animated slides. All the slides are precisely designed for any corporate presentations, including project presentations, corporate meetings, and business pitches. You can easily adapt it to your corporate brand identity by changing the color of the slides and adding your own photos. Enjoy the quality of this free Keynote presentation templates design by downloading and use it for your upcoming presentation.

Startup Free Download Keynote Template

All the startup projects are rising because of a compelling presentation. The main motto of startup presentations is to effectively convey the idea of the startup project to the stakeholders, financial supporters, and investors. This free Keynote template is designed for startup companies and startup business owners who want to make a visually appealing Keynote presentation. This free Keynote template is featuring eight different slides projecting various topics including Business Agenda, Services or Products, Team Introduction, Welcome Slide, Competitors Comparisons, and statistics charts. This positive, colorful, and professional, free Keynote presentation can be beneficial to make an excellent presentation for your next startup venture. If you need more slides, infographics, unlimited theme colors, thousands of vectors, then consider buying our Premium Startup Keynote Presentation Template.

Free Simple Keynote Template

Are you looking for a great way to impress your audience? Do you need a free Keynote presentation template that helps you to prepare a sound case study, company keynote presentation, investors pitch deck presentation, portfolio showcase, or a project status report? Then you must download and use our Simple template; a free Keynote presentation template. This colorful, trending, feature-rich, and dynamic presentation template can be used for both corporate as well as any type of informal speaking opportunities. This best free Keynote presentation templates design is stuffed with ten stunning slides which can be customized to any extent.

Free Keynote Template

Business Plan is a Free Keynote presentation templates design you can download it instantly for any type of business planning Keynote presentations. This ready-to-work-with free Keynote template comes with seven distinct, colorful slides loaded with image placeholders, image backgrounds, free font, free color theme, free vector icons, various text boxes, chart designs, pyramid layout infographics, and more. You can download this free template directly to your any Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or iMac. If you are in a busy schedule, you can upload this template to your iCloud for using it later.

Free Download Business Keynote Template

If you are a fan of dark backgrounds and bright colors, then you are going to love this awesome looking free Keynote presentation templates design. This is one of the best free Keynote presentation templates available in SlideSalad to do any kind of business presentations. Showcasing this presentation on a dark environment will make the slides look stunning. This free template covers an introduction slide, CEO message, services slide, process diagram slide, and project timeline slide. These slides are more than enough to get a clear understanding of how to design a presentation for better results.

Minimal Free Download Keynote Template

When it comes to business presentations, minimal presentation designs play a crucial role. Most of the business people prefer to go with minimalist and clean designs for business presentations. They are not font with bright colors and complex layouts. In business presentations, all we need to display our presentation content neatly. You need to present your topic in a short, and precise to the topic. This Minimal free Keynote presentation templates design is for any professionals who want to do a clean presentation without any mess. Download this free Keynote presentation template today!


Getting a free Keynote template is not a big deal. But, getting a free Keynote in the same quality of premium templates is nearly impossible. SlideSalad is making that possible by providing a variety of high quality best free Keynote presentation templates. Without any further delay, you can download all our free Keynote templates and use them on your personal or business presentations. But, if you are preparing a serious presentation, then we highly recommend considering our Premium Keynote Presentation Templates. All our premium templates are stuffed with hundreds of high-quality slides, infographics, hundreds of theme colors, thousands of vector icons, Gantt charts, pie charts, flow-charts, pricing tables, all country maps, device mockups, and much more! If you enjoyed our free Keynote templates, please consider sharing with your friends and colleagues!